The London Journey Begins...

The London Journey Begins...

Tuesday, Sep 06, 2022

I landed in London today after a 10-hour flight from San Francisco.

It’s probably been – my goodness, at least fifteen years since my last visit, if not twenty.  So much water has gone under the proverbial bridge in those years.  It was time for me to return.

I love this city – I love the grey, cool, and rainy skies.  I love the many church spires.  I love walking the streets which provided so much inspiration to authors such as J.M. Barrie (whose character, Peter Pan, made his first appearance in The Little White Bird, published 1902) and Michael Bond (A Bear Called Paddington, published 1958).

I love the history, I love the strength and character of the British people.  I love the diversity we see in its streets today.  It is a magical city, a wonderful country – buffeted, as are we all, by the slings and arrows of the world in which we live and its many challenges.  But it is still Britain.

Besides…how can one not love a city which has a pub named “The Swan”?