And in the blink of an eye….

And in the blink of an eye….

Monday, Sep 19, 2022

Firsts London was over.  Four days in the Saatchi Gallery, surrounded by incredible books and incredible booksellers. 

I had intended (what is that old saying about the road to Hell???) to write a longer blog entry on Firsts London.  Which clearly did not happen.  Suffice it to say that – I loved every moment!  I love being at book fairs, and participating in my first international book fair was quite special.

My favourite part?  Meeting customers for the first time, face to face, with whom I’d conducted business for years; selling books and shipping them, communicating via email.  I met one lovely gentleman who resides in London; another, in town for business from Hong Kong.  What a delight it was to meet these wonderful customers face to face!

My thanks go out once again to the staff of the ABA and Firsts London, who all worked so hard to make this event happen.

And my special thanks to my booth partners, Jen and Brad Johnson (Johnson Rare Books & Archives), for being the very best colleagues and friends.

London next year?  Hmmmm…..