Codex Returns to the Craneway Pavilion!

Codex Returns to the Craneway Pavilion!

Sunday, Apr 10, 2022

After a hiatus due to Covid, the world-renowned Codex Book Fair returned this week to the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, California.

By my count, over 200 book artists from around the world gathered together to share their latest works with the public.  It was a visual feast, with imagination and artistry on display at every single table.

From the web site of the Codex Foundation we learn that:  "The Codex Foundation was conceived in 2005 by Peter Rutledge Koch, fine press printer, and Susan Filter, paper conservator. Its purpose was to create an environment for promoting the book as a work of art. They accomplished this by bringing together the Best of the Best book artists and fine press printers from around the world to share their work, explore new and old concepts, and to start an on-going conversation about the fate and future of the book as an essential art form."

Held every two years and normally in close conjunction with the dates of the ABAA California Book Fair, if you missed it this year, plan to return in 2024 - it is an event not to be missed.