Allow us to introduce...

Allow us to introduce...

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Please allow us to introduce you to.....

Philip Chatfield, Sculptor


One of the great joys of selling books online is the new friends one makes from around the world.

Several months ago an inquiry arrived in my email inbox regarding a prospectus we had listed online which, we were careful to state, had (not one, but) TWO  wood-engravings by Robert Gibbings.  However, I had clearly lost my mind the day I was photographing the item, as I had uploaded.....neither of those images.

Philip kindly inquired if I might provide images, which of course I did, and we have since traded several emails.  It has been an honour to meet him, as he has practiced the ancient art of sculpting stone, in the manner done for centuries - by hand - for many decades now. 

Philip has carved memorials, has done stone repairs to a 14th-century church, has sculpted a life-sized statue of the Virgin and Child for Tintern Abbey, made new lintels for old railroad stations, and so much more. 

Recently, Philip was featured in a short film done by the Severn Valley Railway entitled "The Wandering Stonemason:  Behind the Scenes with Severn Valley Railway's Expert Craftsman".  Click here to view the film, and enjoy seeing a stone sculptor at work!