Update on Swan's Fine Books Move

Update on Swan's Fine Books Move

Friday, Mar 20, 2020

Yes, we are still moving. 
When... well, that's a bit more uncertain.


Our thanks to all of you who have been kindly keeping up with our plans to move the shop into the old Walnut Creek train station, located at 850 S. Broadway Street (across the street from the back of the Macy's parking garage).

Originally scheduled for January, the move was delayed due to construction and permit delays.

Last week we were getting so close!  The finish line was in sight!

Then the world began to stand still, due to the public health situation.  Our hearts, and our thoughts, go out to all those affected by this illness and we send our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Due to the current situation, obviously the almost-completed-construction remains not-yet-completed.

We will still move into this historic and charming location.  Once the health dangers are deemed to be over and the necessary permits have been issued, we will complete the infrastructure (e.g., internet and phones) and the move-in will then commence.

In the interim - please do keep in touch!  Our phone number (925.935.1190) will still reach myself, your erstwhile proprietor.  Emails sent to us (shop@swansfinebooks.com, laurelle@swansfinebooks.com, and jeff@swansfinebooks.com) will still be received and responded to.

Need a book?  We continue to catalogue and put new listings onto our web site daily (www.swansfinebooks.com).  (Note that our photography equipment is in storage, so adding pictures will be somewhat delayed.)  We can continue to fill orders received online or via phone, and ship them to you.  For local orders (San Francisco East Bay) we are allowed to make curbside delivery (with no charge to you).

Our thoughts are with all of you, for whether or not you have a family member or friend who is ill, we are all being affected by this situation.  As I put into my IG post the other day, "may all of us in our self-imposed solitude find some joy in the simple things."