ABAA First Virtual Book Fair!

Thursday, Jun 04, 2020 - Sunday, Jun 07, 2020 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

From June 4 - 7, the ABAA will host its first Virtual Book Fair. 


And Swan's Fine Books, I'm pleased to announce, will participate.  Your diligent proprietor has been searching through boxes of books in storage for "fresh material" - i.e., books not yet catalogued and therefore not available online, a requirement for the stock for this VBF.

I'm delighted to report that there are wonderful books we've purchased over the past year that will be available for the first time at the ABAA VBF - please plan to visit our "booth" as we will have a selection of those lovely books on display.

Note that unlike a physical fair, our "doors" will be open 24 hours, beginning at 10 am eastern/7 am west coast time on the 4th of June, and will not close until 7 pm eastern / 7 pm west coast time on the 7th. 

Swan's Fine Books will be available via phone (925.935.1190) or email (shop@swansfinebooks.com) between 10 am east coast, 7 am west coast and 10 pm east coast, 7 pm west coast time, all four days of the fair.

So mark your calendars, sign up on the ABAA VBF page for updates (here), and plan to shop the ABAA's first-ever VBF!